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WIND Warrior-Type Deck

WIND Warrior-Type Deck

Use monsters that can use their effects when WIND Warrior-Type monsters are on the field or in the Graveyard to control the flow of battle!

Breakthrough the battlefield with “The Tiger’s Breath of Battle”!

3 Bassoon Finger the Divine Music Oni

2 Ensemble Fighter the Heavy Music Oni

2 Dragias the Striking Dragon

3 Trumpetonfa the Stabbing Music Maiden

1 Nunchuclarinet the Whirling Music Maiden

3 Flutomahawk the Axe Music Maiden

3 Masaki the Legendary Samurai General

3 Dragolite

3 Brassax Knuckle the Melee Music Maiden”

3 Onmyou Warrior Sakakaze

3 Phoenix Dragon

1 Breath of the Music Maidens

1 Sword & Shield

2 Piercing!

2 Block Attack

3 Fire Dragon’s Heatflash

2 Shield & Sword

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